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House 18OH

Onrus | Western Cape | 2021

Situated on the foot of Onrusberg overlooking Onrus Rivier and the Atlantic Ocean, this mountainside home rises as a stereotomic structure embracing it's steep mountainous location, natural fynbos and boulders.

The dwelling, opens onto a covered courtyard taking in the northern sun and natural mountainous landscape. The open plan living room spaces have been raised from the ground to form a bridge link between the kitchen and bedroom spaces, traversing a small mountain stream flowing through the site, without interrupting it's path, allowing the water to be captured in a pond below.

The living & dining spaces enjoy an uninterrupted panoramic view of the town and beach below, while the bedroom spaces embrace the quiet mountain side views. 

Project Under Construction



Container Cottage 7SB

Botrivier | Western Cape | 2022

Located on a hillside plot in the heart of Botrivier, overlooking the valley in the distance to the east, this container cottage is perched on a stone wall configured around a garden courtyard & pool.

The cottage consists of two separate containers linked with a covered patio & timber roof deck, overlooking the garden courtyard and valley views. The first container, when entered, consists of the kitchen & dining spaces linked to the covered patio outside. The second container, more private in nature, contains the bedroom, dressing & lounge spaces. 


The courtyard can be closed off or opened to the elements and is rounded off with a timber roof deck above with a panoramic view over the town & landscape.

Planning Approval


House BW

Wellington | Western Cape | 2023

Located on Poplar Grove Farm in the Drakenstein Mountain range overlooking the quaint winelands town of Wellington. The house is situated in its natural fynbos setting overlooking the valley below towards the north with the mountains at its back to the South.

The house is constructed of low maintenance face brick, which matches the colour of the mountain sandstone, covered with an anodized aluminium sheet roof at the same angle as the mountain slope. The open plan living space lives out onto a large covered patio which has a panoramic view of the incredible natural surroundings. High level clerestorey windows allows for framed views of the mountain rage to the southern side without affecting functionality of the spaces.

Planning Approval

House 31AV

Vermont | Western Cape | 2022

This bagged & painted brick house is situated in the beach side town of Vermont with views of Onrusberg towards the north next to a massive Milkwood tree to the south.

The house is configured as a series of spaces, varying in height and volume, from the low fully glazed entrance, past the study with a slightly higher ceiling into the tall open plan lounge dining space. At the end of the nearly double volume space is the kitchen and braai area with lower ceilings to create a feeling of warmth.

The living spaces, outdoor spaces and bedroom spaces are located around a garden courtyard in a u-shape, to protect these spaces from the vicious South East winds in summer and cold North Western wind in winter.

As the house is located in a mostly suburban setting, the spaces live inwards, while being fully openable to the courtyard to blur the lines between inside and outside.

Unbuilt Project

House 4AK

Kleinmond | Western Cape | 2019

Located in a small town on the South coast of the Overberg overlooking the majestic Palmietberg Mountains to the North and the tumultuous Atlantic Ocean to the south, House 4AK stands in an indigenous fynbos garden with a decked courtyard at its heart.


Designed as a retreat for a family where inhabitants are encouraged to interact via the central courtyard which forms the link between the various spaces and volumes.

The living space, kitchen and courtyard is intersected by the bedroom block, which cantilevers over the front door to protect it from the elements, while announcing its presence to the street. The interior spaces are orientated towards the views and the sanctuary of the courtyard, which also acts as an extension of the living room and outdoor dining area, reinforcing the ability to include the courtyard as part of the living spaces. The main bedroom overlooks a fynbos roof garden set to enhance the view by seemingly integrating the building with the natural beauty of the mountains.





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