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House 18OH | Onrus

Western Cape | 2021

Situated on the foot of Onrusberg overlooking Onrus Rivier and the Atlantic Ocean, this mountainside home rises as a stereotomic structure embracing it's steep mountainous location, natural fynbos and boulders.

The dwelling, opens onto a covered courtyard taking in the northern sun and natural mountainous landscape. The open plan living room spaces have been raised from the ground to form a bridge link between the kitchen and bedroom spaces, traversing a small mountain stream flowing through the site, without interrupting it's path, allowing the water to be captured in a pond below.

The living & dining spaces enjoy an uninterrupted panoramic view of the town and beach below, while the bedroom spaces embrace the quiet mountain side views. 

Project Under Construction



Cigela Consulting

KAD Construction

House 4AK | Kleinmond

Visi Magazine | House 4AK | Kleinmond

Western Cape | 2019

Located in a small town on the South coast of the Overberg overlooking the majestic Palmietberg Mountains to the North and the tumultuous Atlantic Ocean to the south, House 4AK stands in an indigenous fynbos garden with a decked courtyard at its heart.


Designed as a retreat for a family where inhabitants are encouraged to interact via the central courtyard which forms the link between the various spaces and volumes.

The living space, kitchen and courtyard is intersected by the bedroom block, which cantilevers over the front door to protect it from the elements, while announcing its presence to the street. The interior spaces are orientated towards the views and the sanctuary of the courtyard, which also acts as an extension of the living room and outdoor dining area, reinforcing the ability to include the courtyard as part of the living spaces. The main bedroom overlooks a fynbos roof garden set to enhance the view by seemingly integrating the building with the natural beauty of the mountains.

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House 3AR | Camps Bay

House 3AR | Camps Bay

Western Cape | 2020

New prefabricated metal clad extension to an existing slate roof house built in the 70's.

Project Under Construction



Quantity Surveyor

By Design 

Qloud Construction

Panoptic QS

Marsassoum Elementary School

Marsassoum Elementary School

Marsassoum, Senegal | 2020

Competition Entry

The site constraints made it clear that the school would be best suited to a courtyard arrangement, with the existing Moraceae tree as a focal point it’s heart. This arrangement provides security without the need for additional fencing. Classroom “huts” are located around the perimeter and opens into the courtyard, expanding the extent of the interior spaces and improving the flexibility of space use for various teaching & extra-curricular activities.


The offices & library are placed at the entrance of the school, with one classroom directly accessible for after-hours use and activities, preventing visitors from needing to move through the courtyard when visiting.


The kitchen, ablutions, water storage tanks & veggie garden are located on the far end of the courtyard centralising the water intensive functions and allowing these to work together: water (tanks), food (garden & kitchen), compost (latrines).

The materials selected for this project aim to encourage the use of recycled & locally available materials that make use of local construction methods, that have been around for hundreds of years, in combination with low-tech systems available today.

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